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 8½ Souvenirs, after 20+ years, has release their CD,

 At The Movies, produced by Charlie Sexton.

Buy Your Copy Now!!

Be sure to get your copy from this first run before they sell out!!  CD comes with a 10 page insert including all the song lyrics, photos and liner notes.

At The Movies is our "IF we only get to make one more record, what do we want people to hear" album. It is a collection of the songs we have been playing weekly at our C-Boy's residency since we reunited in 2014. An eclectic collection, for certain, but so are we! Hop on & listen as we take you to far away places. The songs are guaranteed to keep your feet happy!


at the movies concept tag.jpeg


CD + Digital Download can be purchased on our BandCamp page.  Click HERE

Please note: You will be redirected to our BandCamp site to purchase your CD.  Why BandCamp? BandCamp tracks all our CD sales; allows fans to support their favorite artist by paying MORE if they want; and their shipping rates are better!

(Digital Files)

(Digital Files)
Don't want the whole album? Pick & choose the songs you love and make your own playlist!